About Us

The idea to create a society for like minded engineers and scientist living in the UK was conceived  by a group of Sri Lankan professionals in June 2007. Through the determination of this group of expatriates the Society of Sri Lankan Engineers and Scientist was born.
The interest in the society grew from the inaugural membership of 15 to its current membership of professionals. The membership consists of engineers and scientist from a wide range of disciplines and academia. The members, their spouses and friends meet about four to five times a year. The patron of the society, the honourable SL High Commissioner to the UK is very supportive of the society and has attended many of our gatherings.
The society encourages the interaction and exchange of ideas among its members, to better equip all of us in both our professional life in the UK and our voluntary service pursuits in our motherland. The senior members in the society are willing to mentor those who seek to develop their careers and gaining membership in the Chartered Institutions in the UK. We invite guest speakers from both the UK and SL to address the society on relevant topics of interest.
We organise social events and outings for the members and their families, to widen our network of contacts and friendships across the country.
The society is in discussion with the engineering institutions in Sri Lanka and the Universities to explore opportunities to assist, support and nurture the young talent. We have also met with the government departments in Sri Lanka with the view of offering our professional skills on a voluntary basis. Many of our members have been involved in various projects in the past and are currently engaged in a variety of activities in Sri Lanka.

What You Can Do

  • Meet fellow engineers and scientists
  • Exchange ideas and good practice
  • Support Sri Lanka
  • Support young engineers and provide advice on their career advancement

What Is In There

  • Informative
  • Interactive
  • Supportive

Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to transfer expertise / knowledge among the members and others.

Our Values

Be eager to exhange and share knowledge, Be motivational and encourage others, Be result driven and Be professional

Vision And Objectives 

Our Vision


 H = Helpful - we are there to help our members and Sri Lankan counter parts, as well as our mother country.

 E = Experts - we have the skills.

 R = Reliable - we keep our promises.

 O = Open - we are clear, straight forward and open to ideas.

 I = Innovative - we welcome new ideas.

C = Committed - we are there for you.


To create an atmosphere and understanding among our members, to enable us to deliver the following:

  1. To provide contributions in Consultancy capacity on engineering disciplines including project, construction, safety, risk and quality management and related research which matters to Sri Lanka for advancement, growth and or development.
  2. To organise seminars, forums, discussion groups, work shops with Sri Lankan counter parts or other professional bodies or Universities on knowledge transfer purposes.
  3. To be one of the UK’s respected professional organisations.
  4. To have an ambitious, collaborative, team-oriented culture
  5. To organise social gatherings for our members and their families and friends and well wishers.



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